Jeremy Clarkson: Turn heat on drivers who Tweet

By Jeremy Clarkson Published


AS I’ve said many times before, speed has never killed anyone.

Suddenly becoming stationary. That’s what gets you.

But despite this, many of Britain’s roads are festooned with speed cameras to make sure that we all stick to what is usually a preposterously low limit.

40mph? On a dual carriageway? Do me a favour.

The biggest problem with the cameras, though, is that they can only catch people breaking the speed limit.

I’m sorry but that’s got to be life in prison

Certainly, they can’t catch people who are using their mobile phones while at the wheel. I’m not talking about making a call. In my mind, there’s nothing wrong with that. We are human beings and we can do two things at once.

No. I’m talking about people texting or checking Twitter or sending emails. I see people doing that all the time and it makes my teeth boil with rage.

If you drive at 37mph four times in three years, they take away your licence. If you drive having had one spoonful too many of sherry trifle, they take away your licence.

But texting at the wheel? You get a slapped wrist. I’m with The Sun on this. As a general rule, I don’t ever call for tougher penalties for motorists but when someone is driving a car while NOT LOOKING WHERE THEY ARE GOING, I’m sorry but that’s got to be life in prison.

The only trouble is that they need to be caught first. And here I have another suggestion.

Use the money that’s currently spent on catching people speeding – which isn’t a crime – on actual policemen who can apprehend those who are texting while driving – which is.

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