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2016 (16) - Vauxhall GTC 1.4T 16V Sport 3dr

reduced to

was £12,036

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This model was the first car to relaunch the Abarth badge and there are only 332 of these registered in the whole of the UK

IF you are new to riding, or you have a limited budget but are still looking to get your leg over something red and Italian, Ducati is calling this entry-level Scrambler the Sixty2.

Rob Gill
Nick Francis

Road Tests

The S-Cross has just undergone a “mid-life overhaul”, according to its maker Suzuki. It now looks better, works harder and uses energy more efficiently than ever.

Steering is sharp, nearly sporty, and if it wasn’t for the elevated ride position you could almost fool yourself that you were buzzing around town in a hatchback.

Audi has sprinkled fairy dust all over this car. But how does it compare to it's bigger sibling, the 8S?

Kylie’s favourite Ka has grown into a bigger five-seat, five-door version, hence the name Ka+. It is now just 4cm shorter than a Fiesta end-to-end but 3cm taller.

The R Nine T is most at home on fast, flowing roads, turning heads with its good looks and overtaking everything in sight with dollops of torque.


EARLY renewals, accurate mileage and even the right job title can save you hundreds on your car insurance, according to a new guide.

From The Snake Pass in the Peak District through to The Atlantic Highway, how many of these Top 10 Drives have you driven?

DRIVERS do not know what a fifth of road signs mean, a poll found. The average adult could only identify 79 per cent. How many do you know?

10 Fiat 500L, 9 Mazda CX5, 8 Honda Civic, 7 Mercedes A-Class, 6 Mazda 4, 5 Vauxhall Astra, 4 Peugeot 308, 3 Nissan Qashqai, 2 Volkswagen Golf, 1 Volvo V40

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