JEREMY CLARKSON: Real reason EU'r are on camera

By Jeremy Clarkson Published

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HAVING promised to end the war on the motorist, we now find that in the past three years, the Tories have DOUBLED the coverage of average speed cameras.

Previously they were used only in coned-off sections of motorways to "protect the workforce" (that was never there).

But now 250 miles of road is permanently covered by the yellow peril. This causes bunching, frustration and accidents as drivers are forced to concentrate on their speedometer rather than what's going on around them.

And now we hear there are plans to expand the coverage to 500 more miles of road, which - as regular users of the M3 know - means years and years of delays as the system is installed.

Which begs a question. Average speed cameras are unpopular, dangerous and expensive to fit.

So why is the Government introducing them at such a rate? Simple. If Britain doesn't cut nitrogen dioxide emissions - which the Government thinks can be achieved by slowing down cars - it will be fined by the EU.

And there you have it. I'm surprised Boris Johnson and has gang of Brexiteers haven't brought this up.

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