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Road Test Peugeot 3008 GT Line (2017)

The car's the spa - pure bliss in the back-rubbing 3008

By Nick Francis Published

Peugeot | 3008


IF you are sick of always doing the driving, having to stick to orange juice at parties and ferrying the kids everywhere, I’ve got the car for you.

The Peugeot 3008 I’ve been driving this week came with a built-in bribe.

The driver’s seat is kitted out with a multi-function back massager, which works your knots out better than a Swedish shotputter. The passenger seat, however, does not. It’s not even electric. So while I was driving in a state of spa-like bliss, my passengers were left to look at me enviously and wonder why they carry all their stress in their lumbar region.

The 3008 is an Audi, it’s a Mercedes — a Range Rover. It’s every premium SUV you’ve sat in

To be honest, I wouldn’t give the keys up for this car without the guarantee of a mobile massage.

The only thing that makes the 3008 a Peugeot is the lion emblem on the grille and steering wheel.

The 3008 is an Audi, it’s a Mercedes — a Range Rover. It’s every premium SUV you’ve sat in, except it costs just a nudge over 20 grand and, obviously, it is actually a Peugeot built in France.


Key facts: PEUGEOT 3008 GT LINE BLUE HDi 120

Price: £27,345

Engine: 1.6 diesel

Economy: 65.7mpg

0-62mph: 11.2 seconds

Top speed: 117mph

Length: 4.5m

Turning circle: 10.6m

CO2: 104g/km

It just looks and feels light years ahead of anything it has made before. That’s not to say it made bad cars until now — it just raised the bar with this.

Let’s start with the interior. The first thing you notice are the piano key function buttons, which access everything from the climate to the satnav.


I absolutely love this. I’m sick of cars that run everything from a clunky touchscreen. Apart from anything else, they can be dangerous, as your eyes and digits linger on the screen for far too long when you are stumbling through menus and submenus.

But Peugeot’s iCockpit has the balance just right.

There’s still a seven-inch colour screen that runs the entire repertoire of infotainment with beautiful graphics. But to get to each function, it’s just a simple punch of the dash-mounted buttons.

They look cool too, not dissimilar to the buttons you find in a Lambo Huracan. And while I find it odd that a massage chair isn’t even an option for a passenger, the driver’s seat works a charm — at least as good as the massage seats found in a Bentley.

This looks the real deal: Imposing, aggressive and ready for work

Rather pretentiously, it’s controlled by various settings of “ambience” (say it in your best Micky Flanagan accent) which also pump fragrances into the cabin and have names like “cosmic cuir” and “aerodrive”.

I know, I know. But I guess they needed to remind us somehow that the car is French. At 520litres, boot space beats market rivals such as the SEAT Ateca and Nissan Qashqai, although cabin room is just slightly smaller.

And while some might dislike the new, more angular exterior of this latest 3008, I think it looks great.

The last model was all slopes and scoops, more of a crossover than an SUV. The bulging, bulbous grille and headlights which disappeared into the bonnet were ugly. It looked feminine — and not in a good way.

But this looks the real deal: Imposing, aggressive and ready for work. In contrast to this, though, the 3008 doesn’t come with AWD. Instead, Peugeot has loaded it with the Grip Control system, which tames any front-wheel tomfoolery with advanced traction control.

It keeps the retail price low and, let’s face it, no one is going to be taking this on a jaunt in the Andes.


The only place it doesn’t feel like an Audi is the drive. While it’s solid and I love the sporty small steering wheel, it doesn’t deliver the thrills you get from the Q5.

But with a starting price of £21,795, what do you expect?

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