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REVIEW: Bosch AQT 45-14 X 240v pressure washer

By Nick Watkins Published

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RRP at time of test: £279.99

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Ease of use ★★★☆☆

The AQT 45-14 X is a 240v pressure washer with a hose reel already attached on top which makes life easier. Getting the unit prepped and ready for use takes a matter of minutes once it’s out the box. It’s got an adjustable handle on the top, which can be raised up and down, akin to a suitcase handle, so it's easy to pull along. However, we found the pressure washer is incredibly heavy and lifting it out of the box is a bit of a struggle, so be aware of that if you plan on storing it in the box and taking it out every time you use it.

Installation ★★★★☆

Getting started is as straight forward as you’d imagine, the hose nozzle clips into the hose and the unit attaches onto a standard garden tap. Handily, the pressure washer is already assembled when you first unbox it; all you have to do is attach the trigger and a lance, then on to your tap. To ensure you’re getting maximum pressure, Bosch recommends you hold the trigger down on the gun before use to ensure all the air is out of the hose. You’ll know it’s ready when you see a steady stream of water trickling out the nozzle before you switch it on.

Functions ★★★☆☆

This isn’t the most expensive of Bosch’s range of pressure washers but it’s got enough functions to give the car a good clean. The water comes out at a max rate of 140 bar, which is safe enough to do your car with (providing you hold the nozzle a sensible distance from the vehicle, so not to risk taking the paint off). Accessories can be added too, such as detergents and angled nozzles. The detergent (sold separately) clips on to the end of the gun and are a good way of coating your vehicle in soap, rather than using an old-fashioned sponge. Another useful add-on is the 90 degree nozzle, good for the wheel-arches, alloy wheels and underside of your car.

You don’t actually need a tap to use the AQT 45-14 X as it can suck up water from a bucket/water butt or pond using the self-priming function. Although we’d not recommend using rain/dirty water to wash your car of course, this is probably best to water your plants with more than anything.


Effectiveness ★★★★☆

We found it to be very effective, given that it’s not the top-of-the-range Bosch pressure washer. For cleaning a car it’s good enough to remove dirt and will leave your motor with a nice shine. Most fun is the detergent add-on, and it makes a big difference from using just water. It can prove expensive if you're not careful though, we went through a whole bottle of soap in one go.


For the price it does a good job, if you’re buying a pressure washer simply to clean your car with. You can buy accessories to clean flat surfaces, such as patios, with but you’re better off buying a more powerful/heavy duty pressure washer if you’re going to be cleaning stone slabs. The 90 degree nozzle is very useful and we like how easy it is to use. We don’t like the weight of the unit however, and wouldn’t want to be lifting it out the box every time we went to use it.

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