Top Ten

Top 10 Sun Motors used van searches

AS the motorists' champion we realised selling cars wasn’t enough on Sun Motors, so we’re now in the van market

Top ten ideal first cars

The chances are if this is your first motor you won’t be able to afford a Ferrari just yet, so we’ve opted for ten reliable cars that are ideal for starting out in.

Top Ten: Used saloons on Sun Motors

Designers say saloons are elegant cars because of their ‘three box’ construction with a ‘box’ for the engine, another for the people and a third for the luggage

Top 10 winter driving tips

Frosty mornings are finally here and reports suggest ice and snow will have arrived across the UK in a matter of weeks

Top ten 1-litre cars on Sun Motors

This week we’re looking at the best small engine cars costing next to nothing to fill up. Here's the most searched 1-litre cars over the past seven days

Top 10 used superminis

Since 2004 sales of superminis have gone up 132%. Little cars are better than ever which is why tens of thousands of UK motorists are opting for a nippy run-a-round

Top 10 dog-friendly cars

There's a good chance our dogs don't care as much about our cars as we do

Top 10 winter driving tips

In winter, we have to get up earlier to de-ice the car, drive at a snail’s pace

Top ten funny parking fails

Finding a decent parking space can take longer than it should and judging by these pictures motorists run out of patience rather quickly.

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