REVIEW: Scalextric ARC AIR Powerbase Upgrade Kit

By Nick Watkins Published

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SCALEXTRIC has come a long way since the days of watching your car fly off the figure-of-eight track after getting too trigger-happy.

These days, the controllers are wireless and vibrating, plus you can use an app to customise your trigger settings, thus avoiding spinning off at every turn.

The Arc Air Powerbase lets you upgrade your standard Scalextric set to, well, a better one, with more features basically.


It works by plugging into any regular set and downloading the app, then you’re ready to go. The handy wireless controllers mean if you do come off the track you’re able to quickly get your motor back up and running without a cable tailing all over the place.

The app itself opens up new features with the Powerbase, including incidents weather and arcade mode. Now, an alert will flash up on your iPad which alerts you to a change in driving conditions. If it’s wet, you’ll need to come into the pits and ‘change’ tyres. the app lets you know when you've got the green light to continue racing.


You can also change the acceleration on the trigger too so if you’ve got a heavy-handed child, you can set the Throttle Curve to accelerate slowly even if the trigger is fully engaged. If you feel like giving yourself an unfair advantage on your opponent you can also give increase the power using a different throttle setting.

Scalextric has made features so realistic that even the amount of fuel you set will affect your car’s top speed. If you choose to race with just 50% of your tank filled, you’ll reach a better top speed as your car is deemed to be lighter than one on the 100% fuel setting.


As well as increasing the speed settings you can also monitor who’s winning the race and a graph tracks your car’s behaviour/patterns during the race too. One downside is that the Arc Air Powerbase is currently only compatible with two cars.

Overall, it certainly adds more dimensions to the Scalextric experience, I only wish it was around when I was a kid.

Check prices on Amazon


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