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DRIVING to France this summer for the Euros? Then you’ll need to ensure your car meets requirements for driving abroad – and that includes carrying a breathalyser with you.

The AlcoSense Pro Breathalyser works with European, and worldwide, limits in over 25 countries, however it’s not certified for use in France, where motorists are required to carry a NF certified breathalyser.

It’s impossible to know how much each individual can drink before being officially over the limit as our bodies breaks down alcohol at different rates. Officially in England, Wales and Northern Ireland you're allowed 35µg (micrograms) of alcohol per 100ml of breath, 80mg per 100ml of blood or 107mg per 100ml of urine (except in Scotland, which has stricter rules).

Let's be clear: commonsense says we shouldn't drink anything and get behind the wheel. But if you do have a few the night before and want to know when it's safe to drive, this could be perfect.

The technology used by Alcosense is among the best on the market by using a smaller version of the same fuel cell sensor used in several UK Police breathalysers.


Another handy feature is that it’ll not only tell if you’re over the drink-drive limit, it’ll also estimate when you’ll be sober enough to legally get back behind the wheel.

Limits are adjusted automatically by entering your location, so there’s no excuse to be over the limit, no matter where you are in the world.

The device itself is battery powered (the box includes 3 x AAA batteries) which will last around 400 tests. It also boasts a 1.8 inch colour screen, which displays your reading, and flashes a red alert if you’re over the legal driving limit.

It’s worth noting that the sensor can be prone to overloading if a breath test is taken too soon after (or during) drinking alcohol. If this happens, the device will be disabled for 24 hours as it resets. So if you’re out with a group of friends, don’t all leave the pub and blow into the device one after another to determine who’s able to drive, as it’ll temporarily disable the device


Forking out £129.99 on a breathalyser may seem expensive, but the Alcosense Pro is a top-of-the-range model and offers reliably accurate readings, which could prove priceless when deciding whether or not driving is a good idea.

AlcoSense recommends using a new blow tube or mouthpiece for each reading (five are included in the box) and additional blow tubes are priced at £4.99 for a pack of 20 and mouth pieces.

As far as breathalysers go, this is one of the best; it’s just a pity it’s not recognised in France, as it would be the ideal choice for those heading to France for Euro 2016 this summer.

Box contains the device, 3 x AAA batteries, 5 blow tubes, Micro USB cable & instruction manual.


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