JEREMY CLARKSON: Milkman alarms me... but I won't sue

By Jeremy Clarkson Published

Jeremy Clarkson | clarkson | Jezza


ASLAN KAYARDI is a driving instructor. He is 33 and has taught more than 200 people to drive.

He has no penalty points on his licence.

Recently he overtook a cyclist in a 30mph zone and was caught on camera giving the bicycle somewhere between two to three feet of space.

See anything wrong with that? Nope.

Me neither. And nor could the police who heard the evidence from both the cyclist and Mr Kayardi and decided no action was necessary.

However, the cyclist in question was a barrister, who decided to bring a prosecution himself saying that a heart-rate monitor he was wearing at the time of the incident showed he'd been alarmed.

A Crown Court jury dismissed the case in minutes. I shall make no further comment except to say that when the milkman makes a noise outside my bedroom window at two in the morning, I'm very alarmed.

But I have not brought a prosecution against him because that would make me look like a bitter and twisted, lily-livered, mealy-mouthed, attention-seeking waste of blood and organs.

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