JEREMY CLARKSON: Air cars won't take off

By Jeremy Clarkson Published

Jeremy Clarkson | flying cars

Jeremy Clarkson

AS we know, a couple of America’s internet billionaires are working hard on reusable space ships, which all sounds very Bond baddie.

But Larry Page, the founder of Google, has apparently gone one stage further and is said to be squirreled away in a special man- cave, working on a flying car.

He has invested £70million in the project and I’m sorry, but I can’t see why.

Because let’s say he succeeds where countless others have failed.

Let’s say he comes up with a car which can sprout wings and take to the skies at the touch of a button.

The idea sounds brilliant. You see there’s a traffic jam ahead so you take off and fly over it. Wonderful.

But hang on. If you have a car which can fly, why would you ever use it as a car?

Surely you’d fly everywhere in it.

And if you want to fly everywhere, you already have a machine which does the job.

It’s called an aeroplane.

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