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REVIEW: Sirona rear and front-facing car safety seat

Cybex's two-in-one rotating safety seat

By Nick Watkins Published

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RRP at time of test: £375

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CHOOSING  the right car seat is far more complicated than it ought to be.

Do you choose front-facing or rear-facing? Which brand should you go for? How much should you spend etc.

The new and improved Sirona car seat, which is likely to be at the higher end of your budget is their safest car seat to date.

Improvements have been made from previous seats by keeping the design the same but making new models with thicker, more durable fabric.

The seat itself is a hefty 15kgs, which is perhaps not ideal for those lifting the seat in and out of the car on a regular basis, but isn’t a huge problem if you’re keeping the seat fixed semi-permanently.


The base attaches using the standard ISOFIX attachment (you can check your car’s compatibility here) and the seat itself swivels 360°, which makes getting your child in and out of the car a lot easier than your standard fixed baby seat.

It should be noted that this seat will only attach to an ISOFIX mount, so if your car doesn’t have one, it won’t be safe to use it.

Safety tests have proven rear-facing seats to be safer than front-facing, but the Sirona can be used as either - once your child weighs over 9kgs they can sit front-facing, although it’s recommended to keep them rear-facing for as long as possible.

In the rear-facing position there are a total of seven reclining different positions, and five reclining positions when front-facing.

Crucially, the seat offers added safety with telescopic linear side-impact protection (L.S.P. System), which absorbs the force of a side-impact collision.

The Sirona is fairly pricey compared to others on the market (prices range from £375 - £400) but its 360° is impressive and takes the hassle out of getting your little one in and out of your car. Plus, the L.S.P System is great for peace of mind.

VERDICT: As far as car seats go this one has won a lot of awards for its safety, which is the main thing after all. It's expensive, but you get value for money. The rotation system makes life easier. ★★★★☆

Quick Facts

Weight: 15kgs

Length/width/height : 68, 44, 63.5 cm

Ages: Birth - 4 years old

Available: Now

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