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REVIEW: JBL Trip speaker for cars

Portable sound system clips onto your vehicle’s sun visor

By Nick Watkins Published

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JBL Trip

YOU might be wondering what makes this a car accessory when you’ve already got speakers in your motor.

Well, as well as being a speaker the JBL Trip is useful as a hands-free device. It works best if you’ve got an older motor without in-car phone technology built-in, as it clips onto your sun visor for hands-free calls.


RRP at time of test £79.99

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Installation ★★★★★

It’s a portable speaker so it’s easy to install, it hooks onto your sun visor via a magnetic clip attached to the back of the unit (which you can leave attached to the visor). Then you can just slide it off when you want to take it outside, or leave it in the glove box so it’s not on show to thieves.

Ease of use ★★★☆☆

Getting it working is simple enough, you use the touch buttons to connect it to your Bluetooth device and then adjust the volume with the + and – icons. They are very sensitive though, so getting your preferred volume can be pretty tricky. I drove us mad at times, being so sensitive. Another thing we notices is there are no lights on the buttons so it’s hard to use when driving at night.

JBL Trip

Functions ★★★☆☆

It’s main function is to work as a speaker but it works as a sat-nav (if you use maps on your phone and connect it via Bluetooth) too. We got best use of out it  as a hands-free device for receiving calls though. iPhone users can make calls through the speaker via Siri.

Video/audio quality ★★☆☆☆

For such a small unit the sound is very good and when we tested it we could be heard clearly by the person on the other end of the phone. We were sat in the driver’s seat however, those sat in the back wouldn’t be able to speak into it, if it’s hooked on the driver-side visor. If you’re using it to play loud music however, the sound isn’t so great, especially the base, it sounds a bit tinney.


It’s a good it of kit but for the price we’d expect a little more, we didn't realise initially that calls could be made with it via Siri. It is small enough to have on your visor without it getting in the way though, so if you do require a device for taking calls it’s worth looking at. We also found it quite expensive for something which is built-in to most cars these days anyway.

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