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BRITAX DUALFIX forward and rear-facing car seat

By Nick Watkins Published

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CAR Seats are evolving from front-facing and rear-facing both to front and rear-facing in one.

In our recent review of the Cybex’s Sirona car seat we mentioned how safety tests have proven rear-facing seats to be safer than front-facing, but both are still available.

The DualFix is Britax’s answer for parents still undecided on which way to best seat their child. Kids weighing over 9kgs are required to use it in the forward-facing position, otherwise it can be used in the rear position from birth.


The easiest way to install it is with an ISOFIX mount but if your vehicle doesn’t have the insert guides, you can use the ones that come with the seat itself to attach it. It can be a bit fiddly, but will save you buying a new vehicle.

Like the Sirona, it swivels 360 degrees when fixed inside the car, just by pressing a couple of buttons, making life easier for the parent and child. Kids can be lifted in and out much easier than with a conventional car seat.

Protection is offered from every angle, with the high sides nicely padded along with chest pads. The headrest is adjustable to make sure your child is well prepared in the event of an accident. The shoulder straps should sit in-line with your child’s shoulders, or just above, but must be below the ears.

There’s a nifty recline option too, which supports your child’s spine as they doze off, which is simple to get into position.


If you’re in the market for a 360 car seat, it’s worth noting that Which? gave the DualFix a 20% safety rating and ‘Don’t Buy’ stamp.

They stated that the harness couldn’t be tightened enough for a toddler, and they could potentially wriggle free.

Britax responded with a statement disagreeing with the method of testing. More is explained on the clip below.

VERDICT: Despite the Which? concerns, other parenting websites have scored the seat highly and Britax disagreed with the type of dummies used during testing. There's no doubt the seat is great for getting your child in and out of the vehicle, and it's a sturdy seat. That said, if you're looking to buy a seat for a toddler and have concerns your child may be small enough to wriggle free, it's best to check sizes/harnesses against your child in-store. ★★★☆☆


Weight: 14.7kgs

Length/width/height: 53, 45, 78cms

Ages: Birth - 4 years (Max 18kgs)

Available: Now

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